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This is a message from user :icon0some-weirdguy0:


Hi there dbz OC fans :) ~
We know a number of fans on deviantart seem to enjoy creating these characters, writing fanfics and even RPing with other people privately/in competitions, so we're drawing attention to this as a place that might be just what you're after.

To first quote the 'official spiel':

World of Dragonball: Souls

A roleplay forum based on the "greatest fighting manga of all time".

It has been two thousand years since the time of the Z-Fighters, and they have passed into legend and folklore. Their legacy, however, continues.

A new wave of awesome beings are being born. They will be known as heroes and monsters, warriors and magicians, the universe a warzone, a battleground, a playground. They will form bonds stronger than blood, struggle against each other with the might of two planets colliding.

Only the victorious make history. Will you be seen as righteous?

- Relaxed roleplay based on Dragon Ball mythos
- All levels of roleplay welcome
- Player driven plot - will you become a hero or tyrant, or carve your own path through the turmoil.
- Friendly staff and active membership roles.

World of Dragonball: Souls
What Character Will You Make?


If you fancy yourself the next big bad, the heroic main character, or anything in-between I'm sure they'd love to have you on board.

The site does well to stick to it's canon roots (discounting a few player-convenient liberties, such as the saiyans being wished back as vegeta's final request), and ignores the events of GT. It is also actively updated with new, player-voted features, the latest of which was adding androids as a separate starter race.

Either way, click on the banner or image above, or even here, to give the 'World of Dragonball: Souls'(wodsouls) Forum a look over, see if it catches your interest.

More Journal Entries

Roleplay Directory

House for Roleplay and DBZ-based action. Need a group to RP with? Well, this is your place!


These are members from the DBZOCC who are willing to meet and RP with people. You can visit their galleries, and maybe from there, you can note and make contact with them. We also added their IM software for roleplaying.

:iconrt912: - Skype
:iconstrefe: - MSN
:iconmetalks: - MSN
:iconxrourinu: - MSN
:iconbitchtits-mcgee: - MSN

Want Advertising? Send us a note.

You have a DBZ character, but you also have a character another fandom. Looking? This is the place!

:iconmelituri: - Sonic Based RP
:iconbleach-universe-rp: - Bleach Based RP

Gallery Folders

deviation in storage by Moffett1990
deviation in storage by Moffett1990
deviation in storage by Moffett1990
deviation in storage by Moffett1990





Lime's Confidant


Master Lime


Important Stuff and News!

Welcome to the "Dragon Ball Z Original Character Corporation"...!

The place for your OC. It can be adapted and/or created, but certainly it has to be original. Human, namek, icejin, tsufur, majin, saiyan... Your character is a close friend of Goku? Does your character a relative of Vegeta? ...The last one of the Majins? All of them, you can introduce him/her/it here!


This one is a group, who has the main goal of being the biggest museum/gallery on DeviantART. Our purpose is storing profiles, drawings, doujin, animations, writings, roleplaying sessions and much more.



1. We accept based or adaptations of a existing character, as long as it differs somehow from Toriyama's creation.
2. We accept drawings, character biographies, doujinshi, animation and writings for now.
3. There are specific folders for each type of work. Please be sure to submit your work on the right gallery.
4. Every week, a character will be featured.
5. We know that the characters have the potential of vanishing Earth, but please, we don't want "Mary Sue" characters.
6. We'll be accepting het/homo/bi art. Also we will be accepting art about pairings with characters from the series.
7. HEY: If you're going to upload art with canon characters, only will be accepted the ones including original characters, unless it's an adaptation! (Adaptation isn't your own drawing style for a character. Adaptation is that you have your own version of an existent character).
8. Please be tolerant and enjoy the group!


Invite your friends! Let's grow big! We want to be known everywhere... We want to see how many fans are spread around the globe~!!!


~ Yuuki Lime. DBZ OC and Founder.

These are members from the DBZOCC who are accepting commissions right now. Want one? Choose one!

Zinni's DeviantArt Gallery
MonicaLynneVallejo's DeviantArt Gallery
Furiael's DeviantArt Gallery

Want Advertising? Send us a note.




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